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5 Things to Consider to Find the Right Motorcycle Saddlebags

In the same way that each rider is unique, each motorcycle has its own characteristics and traits. Let's be frank: no two bikes are created equal. Every motorcycle is used for different purposes and has different needs. It makes sense then that finding the right motorcycle saddlebags could be difficult. Here are five things to consider when trying to find the right bags for your bike.

1. Cargo. Every trip needs different supplies. If you are driving through the desert, water will be a huge necessity. Rain and snow require their own precautions. One should always be prepared for an emergency. The only thing that is certain about each ride is that you will need something with you every time. Thinking about your past rides and what you wish you had will help you to determine what your needs are when it comes to saddlebags.

2. Take On, Take Off. While you may need something every ride, there are many ways to store items. Some rides you may just be commuting from point A to point B, and a backpack may suit your needs. If the length and intensity of your rides vary substantially, you may need saddlebags that you can remove easily. Some bags are installed with the intention of leaving them there for a long time. Others can be placed and then changed out based on your needs. Take the time to think about what your needs are before making any hasty purchases.

3. Durability. The quality of every set of motorcycle bags varies. Depending on the weather that you typically drive through, you may need a more durable material. Blistering heat or freezing temperatures can do a lot of damage, so think about what your saddlebags will have to endure. 

4. Style. It is important to get saddle bags that will go with the general motif of your bike. Picking the wrong set could make you look more like a child than a serious biker. If you feel like you are unsure of which saddlebags look best with your bike, ask for opinions from family or trusted friends. 

5. Price. At the end of the day, if you can't afford the saddlebags of your dreams, you just can't afford them. Sometimes all you need is functionality. If you are low on cash, think about getting a slightly lower quality set that you can use until you save up for the saddlebags you have always wanted.

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