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Buying A New Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle? 3 Accessories You Should Also Purchase

If you are buying a new Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, you also need to purchase accessories to go with it. These accessories will not only help keep you safe but also help you enjoy your bike even more. To help you get started, below are three accessories you should start with.


If your new motorcycle does not come with a windshield, you should purchase one and have it added to your bike. This windshield will offer protection from the wind while you are driving, which is especially helpful if you are driving on a highway. You will also be protected from rocks that may fly up and hit you, as well as bugs and other debris. These windshields are generally made of a highly durable ABS plastic, and you can find them in many colors.

You will have a much more comfortable ride if you install a windshield. This will also help anyone that is sitting behind you.

Sock Cover

A sock cover can be slipped onto your motorcycle's clutch/brake reservoir. This will make your motorcycle look nicer than looking at these plastic reservoirs.

These socks also trap and absorb any brake fluid that may come out from the reservoir. This will prevent the brake fluid from getting onto the motorcycle's paint, which can damage the paint. It also prevents the brake fluid from getting onto metal. This is important, as this type of fluid will corrode any type of metal. The sock covers will also prevent the plastic reservoirs from discoloration from the sun.

Sequential LED Tail Lights

Sequential LED tail lights will quickly flash a red light a few times when you apply the brakes. This will alert drivers even more behind you that you are breaking so they will not run into you. These LED tail lights are also turn signal lights. When you turn, the LEDS will flash sequentially, generally in yellow in the direction you are turning.

The lights are bright, but not too bright as to distract drivers. You can install the lights on your own as they are plug and play.

These lights work by using a microprocessor and an integrated circuit chip. These two things control all functions of parking, braking, and turning. The lens used to protect the lights is UV protected.

Talk with the salesperson where you purchase your motorcycle to learn more about these accessories. The salesperson can also tell you of other accessories that are available for you to purchase.