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5 Features To Look For In an ATV Helmet

If you are going to ride or buy a motorcycle or ATV, you need to have a helmet. Even if your state doesn't require you to wear a helmet, it is still a smart idea to wear one. A helmet keeps you protected when you are on your bike from serious injury and is often required if you have motorcycle insurance policy. You want to make sure that the helmet you choose will keep you well-protected.

#1 Nice, Thick Liner

The liner inside of the helmet plays a very important role in keeping your safe. The liner is what absorbs the impact when you are hit in the head, which is why you want your motorcycle helmet to have a nice, thick liner. The liner should provide you with at least an inch or more of padding all around your head. This will help keep you safe in the event of an accident.

#2 Secure Chin Strap

The chin strap is what holds your helmet on your head and ensures that your helmet works as it is intended to. Make sure that the helmet that you choose has a sturdy and secure chin strap. You are going to want to go with a chin-strap that has secure fasteners, such as rivets, to keep the helmet on. A chin strap will also help protect your jaw and face in the event of an accident.

#3 Secure Fit

It is a smart idea to purchase a helmet in person. You want the helmet to match the shape and size of your head as closely as possible. This will ensure that the helmet stays in place in the event of an accident. Head shape and size can vary, so going in person can allow your head to be measured and can allow you to try on a variety of different sized helmets to ensure that the one you pick fits you as closely as possible.

#4 Right Weight

Next, you want your helmet to provide you with protection, but you don't want your helmet to be too heavy. A helmet that is too heavy will not be comfortable to wear and could impede your abilities on a long ride. Helmets do weight a couple of pounds. When you pick out your helmet, really feel the helmet and think about what it would be like to have that on your head for the length of a bike ride.

When looking for a motorcycle helmet, make sure that it has a nice, thick liner to protect your head and make sure that you can secure the helmet nicely with the chin strap. The helmet should also have a nice and secure fit without feeling too heavy. Check places that have ATVs for sale like www.tuffatvs.com to see if they have a selection of helmets for you to choose from.