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Extend Your Dirt Bike Riding Season Into The Winter

Winter doesn't have to mean an end to dirt bike riding season. With the right gear, you can get out there and rip it up in the snow. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you stay warm and safe while you're out riding your new dirt bike this winter.

It's All About the Gear!

Gear up for safety and warmth! Start out with a good base-layer – padded base tops and pants are available for you to choose from. This layer will provide you with most of the warmth and a little extra protection in the event of a crash.

Once you have a good base layer, put on a mid-layer and then the actual riding pants and jersey.

A facemask will go a long way in keeping you more comfortable in the cold. Look for one that extends over the neck so that you can tuck it into the top of your jacket.

Heated riding gear is also an option – not really a cheap option, but it will keep you toasty warm while you rip it up in the snow. If you can only afford to invest in one heated item this year, go for the gloves. Your hands will get cold quickly and when you lose the feeling in your hands, you lose a lot of control of the bike – get the gloves to stay upright.

Cold-weather goggles are made a little different than warm-weather goggles; they are made to keep your face warmer and limit lens fogging, and can be tinted to protect your eyes from the sun glare off of the snow.

Winter riding boots will help to keep your feet and ankles warm while providing you with an increased amount of traction for the slippery conditions. Look for a pair of boots with Thinsulate insulation – this will be one of the warmest options for you.

Don't forget the tires on your bike! You'll need to upgrade to some snow and ice tires. If you're planning on riding through some serious terrain, studded tires may be the best option for you. Now, you won't want to do any road-riding with the studded tires, but they will make it possible to rip it up even through the slipperiest conditions.

Talk with your local dirt bike sales professional to learn more about what you can do to safely extend your dirt bike riding season well into the winter this year.